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ClubReady.comTight abs do not come easy. You could fool yourself into buying one of those multifunctional contraptions hocked by former Texas Rangers and second rate celebrities, but, really will you use it? The dust bunnies will gather long before you’ll achieve that perfect bod.

You need motivation, you need to be able to track results. You need ClubReady. ClubReady is a software for gyms and fitness centers which allows better client trainer coordination, results tracking, and schedule management. Clients get their own log-ins so they can make bookings or cancel appointments, they can access nutrional info and track calories as well as exercise, and they can access their fitness evaluations made by the training staff. Other features include journaling tools, medical and fitness articles, workout libraries, to-do lists, and community discussion. There’s a free 45 day trial version of ClubReady, after that fees are on a monthly basis. In Their Own Words

“ClubReady is a client facing managed service for fitness facilities that connects your clients with your trainers, service providers and club management to increase revenues, efficiency and dramatically improve client and employee satisfaction.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

ClubReady gives clients and trainers and club management a more in-depth experience with each other. Clients have a lot more interactive options using ClubReady which extends beyond the gym itself. Trainers have access to client notes and routines automatically, which means they are better able to do their job. Club management will be able to attract more clients and will see higher retention of training staff as cancellation and schedule changes can be checked from anywhere. Basically, ClubReady takes customer care to a higher level.

Some Questions About

How reliable is ClubReady? Is setup easy to implement? Does it integrate with other systems?

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