When It Comes To Your Website, You Should Always Use Protection. Meet CloudLayar

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Does your website suffer from online attacks such as DDoS, SQL injections, XSS, CSRF or does it just plain run too slow? Chances are it has, because nothing is safe in this world. So, how do you protect your website and, ultimately, your bread and butter? Meet CloudLayar.





Always Use Protection

CloudLayar is the new cloud-based website protection service to ward off common website attacks, protect user’s servers from having a traffic overload, and improve the overall loading speed for your global website visitors (using CDN technology).





Top features include:


  1. Website attack protector – CloudLayar stops common attacks on your website and sends only clean traffic to your site.
  2. Server load reducer – If  your site faces a spike in traffic, CloudLayar acts as a caching system to make sure you have no server crashes or overloads.
  3. Website deliverer – No matter where your website visitors are, CloudLayar makes sure it delivers your site as quickly as in its home country.
  4. Hotlinking and Access Prevention – Having said that, CloudLayar can also block users from certain countries from visiting your site.
  5. Free CloudDNS+ Service – This service is included in all CloudLayar packages.


How it Works

Once you’ve added your website to CloudLayar and have changed your domain nameservers to one provided by the site, your traffic will start passing through CloudLayar first, acting as a filter for all those unwanted website attackers. It’s like an invisible car wash. Your users won’t even know they’ve passed through the site and you get clean, unadulterated traffic. Everyone wins!





The Inspiration Behind CloudLayar

CloudLayar is a product of London-based server hosting company, WooServers. Inspired by high server demand but low knowledge of website security and protection, CloudLayar now has between 200-225 websites in its system, and is ready to take on new users.


It’s Time to Start Now

All websites should have some type of protection service, and CloudLayar provides a stellar on. Even with a free version, users will be provided with a powerful security protection tool (without any pesky installations). Depending on your needs, CloudLayar has different price packages including Lite ($49), Business ($149) and Enterprise ($499).





Right, let’s review. CloudLayar is an awesome new cloud-based tool that protects your website from attacks, reduces server stress and increases website speed. This type of powerful protection will have your website clean as a whistle and fast as lightning for all your users across the globe. You can’t afford to have any unwanted guests to your site, so start practicing safe traffic with CloudLayar.


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