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Cloudkick.comIf managing your IT infrastructure is giving you a tough time, chances are you will find this startup worth a glance. In the most general terms available, the company provides a management platform for cloud servers.

Through it, those who have servers on Rackspace, EC2 and Slicehost will be capable of managing their infrastructure from front to back. A dashboard is provided, and labels and tags can be employed for putting every activity right in schedule. Monitoring is very easy too, as you can receive alerts when services go critical whereas you can visualize metrics (like http latency and ping) from multiple data centers.

You might be under the impression that this service is only for people who are completely technically-minded. Personally, I think the degree of technical knowledge you need to maximize it is not that high. The provided dashboard makes it all very instant, and I am confident enough as to say that if you have a basic understanding of data servers you will get going in no time at all, and it is going to be a smooth ride all along. In Their Own Words

“The best way to manage the cloud.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

If you are in a position that brings you close to cloud servers, this is going to be attractive since it can considerably simplify your job.

Some Questions About

How much does this cost? Are there different plans for you to choose from?

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