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Your Computer Will Crash. Backup Your Data, Now.




I’ve lost all of my work twice now. The first time was when I went to college and didn’t think to take my writing off of the family computer, only to come home on break and find that my father had wiped the overloaded hard drive clean. The second time was after college when my Dell finally kicked the bucket. I thought I had backed it up on a massive external zip drive only to discover – too late – that I hadn’t. Both of those losses were devastating – I cried and cried when I realized just how much of my writing was gone forever.


These days, every single piece of technology that failed me is extinct. No one uses giant desktops complete with a computer tower and I’m pretty sure that zip drive (it literally had a disk that went into it) was out of date even when I was trying to use it. Nope, no one is backing up their computers like that anymore.


However, people (me included) are still making the foolish move of not backing up their computers regularly. Despite the fact that so much of our lives is digitized these days, I’m going to bet that the majority of you reading this can’t name the date that you last backed up your data.


I know I can’t.


For those of you using Windows, check out Cloud Backup Robot to help you get back on track with regular backups. Taking into account that the biggest reason for not backing up data is that it’s kind of a pain in the butt, Cloud Backup Robot makes it super easy. Just install the program once and from then on click your “Backup Button” whenever you need to back up your data.


Cloud Backup Robot also has a bunch of features that your external hard drive, for example, doesn’t have. First on the list, the service stores your backup in the cloud. While an external hard drive can be lost or stolen, data stored in the cloud is much better protected. Cloud Backup Robot supports popular storage services like Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, OneDrive, and Amazon S3 and, if you want, you can also store your backup in files on your computer.


One major advantage of using Cloud Backup Robot instead of trying to do it yourself is that it helps you keep your backups organized. The service will exclude any unnecessary files from you backup and will also remove unnecessary backup copies for you. That means they won’t be hanging around, taking up valuable space in the cloud or cluttering up your hard drive.


Cloud Backup Robot also has a scheduling function, allowing you to automatically create backups so that you really don’t have to do anything at all.


Every computer in existence is vulnerable to failure. Whether its a virus that you pick up while surfing the web, a system crash because of faulty or old hardware, or a hacker maliciously breaking into your computer, you are at risk of losing everything the same way I did.


Learn from my mistakes and get into the habit of backing up your files at least once a week, if not once a day. If the thought of all of that extra work makes you want to shut your computer and give up (and if you’re using Windows), download Cloud Backup Robot now at


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