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Does Your Startup Have An “Employer Brand?”

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Every founder whose startup is growing, HR person, and boss-in-general knows how hard the hiring process is. Back in the day, bringing on a new hire meant putting an ad out in the paper, maybe reaching out to a few contacts. Respondents most likely lived in the same town as the company and the talent pool, therefore, was limited.


These days, searching for the right candidate is even more harrowing as it can basically include anyone in the entire world. Resources like LinkedIn connect us to our colleagues’ and friends’ networks and job searching sites have taken the place of the local newspaper, times a million.


One startup, Clinch, thinks that the best way to deal with that deluge when recruiting is by addressing the issue before it becomes a problem. That means creating an “employer brand” or making your company attractive to prospective hires before you even need to hire them.




Clinch’s approach starts with mobile-ready career pages that include images of your space and your team as well as quotes talking about how great it is to work for you. This page also includes avatars and links to different profiles of your team, giving potential applicants an idea of the kind of people you already have in house – and who they’ll potentially be working with.


Clinch even has its own camera app that you can download, ensuring that the pics you post are top of the line. In that same vein, they also offer copywriting help, for those of you who aren’t so great with words.


When it comes time to actually start searching for the right candidates, Clinch lets you post automatically to popular job boards (no more copy/pasting!), embed career listings in your own site, or even link directly to your Clinch employer brand site. Even better, their in-site dashboard lets you manage the entire social-media side of hiring with scheduled posts and tweets, scheduling them ahead of time so you don’t have to spend hours clicking between tabs.


Then, of course, comes the hard part: sifting through the applicants when thousands of people want to apply to work with your awesome company. Clinch takes care of that too, with an activity stream that helps you see what people are talking about, and a shared inbox.


It also has its own branded system that lets you track applicants, preview their CVs, and sort them without any spreadsheets or shared documents, so you can finally get rid of those 9,246 Google Docs that you can never find and that you secretly think no one reads or uses anyway.


One of the greatest things about Clinch is that the entire process works similar to social media in that companies are able to build relationships with exactly the kind of people who should be working at their companies, before they need to actually hire anyone. That way, when it’s time to fill a newly-opened position, the people you want on board are already aware of your company and want to be a part of it.


The hiring and recruiting process is painful – but it doesn’t have to be. Make the process so much easier by getting your company on Clinch today.


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