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ClickForensics.comClick fraud is a rapidly growing internet crime. Thus we have ClickForensics, a company out to stop click fraud.

They offer subscription services based on their best of breed management tools. For advertisers ClickForensics offers customized campaign management and set up with Click Audit, a tool which analyzes campaigns producing actionable information. For Publishers and Ad Networks, ClickForensics provides an enterprise class solution using heurist detection technology to measure traffic quality. Traffic is rated based on its propensity to be fraudulent; thus publishers can make informed decisions as to blocking specific site visitors. Other features you’ll find include known offenders list report, custom block list report, billing and pricing reports which provide recs for invalid clicks and visitor scoring. In Their Own Words

“Click Forensics was launched out of the need to solve the growing problem of click fraud. Publications from the Wall St. Journal to Inc. magazine to Barron’s have discussed and debated this issue in great detail over the past two years. The reality is that click fraud is not going away on its own.

Today, the online advertising industry is maturing and moving toward standards and practices that have been around for years in traditional media. Click Forensics offers the best of breed in click fraud management tools as well as comprehensive and actionable audits. We are leading the industry in developing sustaining solutions to the problem of click fraud. Our patent pending ClickScore™ process combines technical, behavioral and economic information, all wrapped with a community approach of data from our Network.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

If this does work, it could save advertisers from invalid clicks and increase conversion rates. It gives both publishers and ad networks a safety blanket—they’ll be given actionable information.

Some Questions About

Does this really work? Given the instability of PPC, can ClickForensics provide complete audits?

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