Finally Women’s Jeans With Real Pockets: Clementine Jeans Company

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Women’s pants are notorious for being pocket-deficient, whether it’s that the pockets are tiny, they’re fake, or they’re entirely missing. How frustrating is it to find that perfect pair of jeans only to realize that there is no way you’re fitting a chapstick in your pocket, much less your wallet, phone, or keys. Despite the fact that women complain about our lack of pockets (and share with glee when our dresses have them), the issue hasn’t really been addressed by large fashion retailers. People often shrug it off and suggest purses, but who wants to carry a bag absolutely 100% of the time? It’s fine sometimes, of course, but it’s great to have the choice to not have to worry about losing your bag, or just want to keep it simple for the night. If you are in need of some women’s jeans with real pockets, you’re going to be excited for Clementine Jeans Company.
Clementine Jeans Company created casual jeans for women – or anyone who prefers a more fitted cut – with deep pocket to allow them to carry their phone, their wallet, or their keys, which means no more need to bring a purse everywhere or to wear boyfriend jeans in order to enjoy having pockets. Produced ethically and responsibly in Canada, Clementine jeans are stylish, high-quality, and functional women’s with full-size pockets.


No Bulk: One of the major issues with pockets is that they tend to look bulky when in use. Clementine wanted their jeans to be functional while having zero sacrifices on how good they look, so they did two things. First, they brought the pockets towards the front of the thigh, rather than to the sides, so that anything in the pockets won’t stick out the side of your hip. Second, they opted to make their jeans from high-quality stretch denim. Because the denim holds tight to your form, it minimizes any bulkiness from what’s actually in your pocket, and also snaps back and lays flat when not in use.
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Fit & Size: Currently, the only fit available currently is skinny, with more fits to be added if Clementine reaches their stretch goal. The jeans are available in sizes ranging from 27 to 42, with sizes 37-42 are shaped differently to fit those sizes perfectly.
clementine 3
Colors: Color options currently include navy with contrast stitching – a classic combination that looks good enough to stand out, but goes with almost anything you wear, and charcoal grey. Rather than go with pitch black, which will eventually fade no matter what fabric is used, Clementine went with a deep charcoal grey that looks fantastic with any color top and will still look great after long-term use.


Clementine Jean Company’s Kickstarter has just under four weeks left and nearly $6k left to raise. If you just want to help women’s jeans with useful pockets get funded, you can head over and pledge as little as $10 CAD to help them meet their goal. If you’re looking to reserve a pair, the lowest pledge required to snag your own is $89 for early-birds.


Clementine Jeans Company

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