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CitySpeek.comCitySpeek is a new web service that is best-defined as a communication portal that follows on the micro-sharing approach popularized by Twitter. The one difference is that CitySpeek has built-in picture and video integration, effectively making for a more realized experience from the word go.

Furthermore, this new messaging system includes an option for creating and joining groups, so that it is possible to keep things as private or public as one wishes.

The main page will give you a good representation of the way this system works, and it will also showcase the way postings are categorized. That is another interesting feature – you can post within a given category from the ones on offer. These include “Event”, “Overheard” and “For Sale” among several others.

This new service can be tried for free without any kind of limitation whatsoever. If you are dissatisfied with Twitter and are looking for alternatives, just create an account and see where does it stand for you, and whether or not it can pose a threat to the micro-blogging giant. In Their Own Words

“ is a communication portal that allows you to easily stay in contact with your friends, family, teammates, co-workers and customers through the web’s newest and most efficient form of communication: micro-sharing. Like other micro-sharing services, we give you 140 characters to tell the world what’s on your mind. Unlike other micro-sharing services, uses integrated pictures, video, categories and groups to enhance your communication and give you all the tools you need in one easy to use site.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It addresses many of the shortcomings of Twitter, and it provides an end product that is easy to use and take a liking to.

Some Questions About

What role can it eventually play in the micro-sharing scene? Could it dethrone Twitter?

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