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A site for those who love movies, Cineplex provides you with showtimes, trailers, featurettes and interviews with the hottest Hollywood stars. All that information is available for free, and you can access it just by picking the relevant option from the navigation menu that’s available at the top of the page. Besides, both a “Find a Theater” and a “Find a Movie” feature are provided, and these let you locate the closest theaters where you could go and watch the newest films that have premiered.

And figuring out which new films are worth a gander is easy since they are highlighted on the homepage. Its theatrical posters are all spread there, and by clicking on the one you like the looks of you’ll get to know what the movie’s all about, who stars on it, and (if these are already available) read some user reviews.

Besides, features a blog where you can learn even more about the latest theatrical and DVD releases, and a store where you can buy these DVDs. And in case you can’t afford the ones you want, then you can enter into the competitions that Cineplex carries every week, and see if you get lucky. Check the full list on this page.

And if you want, you can follow Cineplex both on Facebook and on Twitter.

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