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ChoiceVendor.comAs its name denotes, ChoiceVendor is a platform that will let anybody look up a vendor for his business. The site encompasses a big database in which vendors are rated and recommended by those who have employed them in the past.

The idea is to provide firms with ratings and reviews that come from real-world users, and that reflect the true hits and eventual misses of every single company that is featured.

The ratings themselves go from one to five stars, and the one who rates the vendor has to answer one pivotal question when he submits the rating, namely whether the quality was as expected or not.

All of the reviews that are featured come from other businesses – the site features no consumer reviews. Reviews can be read and submitted for free, and when browsing the database it is possible to bookmark any vendor for easier comparison later on.

Moreover, you can add your own business to the database or claim you profile in case someone has already reviewed it. Adding your business to the database comes entirely free of charge, too. In Their Own Words

“Real-world reviews. Find the best providers for your business.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Businesses are bound to relish having such an objective and neutral point of reference on the Web.

Some Questions About

How many vendors are already listed? At which rate are new ones being added?

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