How to submit? – Online Store, Clothes For Women is an online store that sells clothes for young women.

It offers a wide variety of clothes inspired by the lifestyle and taste of women today. To look at the clothes you can select a category such as new arrivals, on sale products, dresses, tops, shorts and pants among others. In each category you will find a real photo of the item, which is worn by a model, a description of what it is and its price. If you select on an item to purchase you may choose its color from the available colors offered, also its size and the quantity you wish to purchase. The item will be added to your online shopping bag. To purchase your products from the shopping bag you will need to create an account were you will be required to submit your personal information, shipping address and payment method. In the customer service section, you will find the Size Finder, were you enter your measurements to find which size corresponds to your body, also a Body Size Chart and information on returns and exchange of items in the event that you are not satisfied with what you’ve purchased.

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