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ChatOperators.orgThis company will let you outsource your live chat support and add a live chat functionality to your existing website. The main asset of such a system is that it is very easy to be implemented, and there are also many packages to have your pick from.

The installation of this solution itself is carried in a copy and paste fashion that is very easy to handle and quite novel for a change, and the site itself has a comprehensive guide detailing aspects such as how the operators answer questions and how the information is updated and taken care of.

There are three different packages available, including a free one for testing purposes and two paid plans that are geared towards personal and business uses, and these go by the respective names.

As the team behind this initiative state, better customer service means more sales, not to mention the actual fostering of brand loyalty. If you are looking into ways of providing your customers with a better overall experience and ensure they will come back for more, a visit to this site stands as a healthy start towards achieving that goal. In Their Own Words

“Our chat operators answer your website visitor sales & support questions. Anyone with a website can benefit from our service, if you sell a product or service and would like to increase customer loyalty by offering your website visitors sales/ support advice, helping increase their confidence before purchasing, then our live chat operators are exactly what you need!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a cost-effective solution that lets any brand enhance its service and overall standing.

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How much do the paid plans cost?

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