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ChatbotsBuilder: Quickly And Easily Build Facebook Messenger Chatbots For Your Business

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If you’re a small or medium sized business, it can be challenging to spend time on Facebook answering all the same questions over and over again. Instead, some businesses are turning to Facebook messenger chatbots – basically a virtual assistant that can respond automatically to requests from a user, guiding them through a path that naturally them to your business objectives, whether that’s acquiring new contact, qualifying leads, receiving detailed information, or even complete a purchase.

If that’s something you’re in the market for, recent startup ChatbotsBuilder should be at the top of your list. It’s possibly the most complete and effective Facebook chatbot builder for businesses, allowing you to create and customize chatbots for you and your clients – and all in 5 minutes. The platform includes powerful tools like ready-made templates, forms, click-to-call buttons and integrations that provide real value – with minimum effort.


ChatbotsBuilder empowers small & medium digital marketing agencies and professionals to easily build complete and effective Facebook Messenger chatbots. Not only can you use them for your own for your business, they also enable you to resell the chatbots to clients. The platform also boasts an easy system and complete tutorials that will help you create, use, and sell Facebook Messenger chatbots.



ChatbotBuilder’s platform includes easy and fast integration, a wide selection of trigger types, a large list of ready-made templates, integrations with popular marketing tools, and emoji and variables integration (being able to embed the user’s first and last time, the time of day, or the day of the week), along with a number of other interesting and useful features for customizing your bot and maximizing your ROI.



First – if you’re curious, you can go to their site and chat with some of the bots created with their platform. They have three example options: a web agency, a restaurant, and a real estate agency.




From there, if you’re interested in upping your customer service and marketing game with a Facebook messenger chatbot, ChatbotsBuilder offers a free 7-day trial with no obligations, after which you can choose the right plan for you. Plans range from $9/month to $999/month depending on the level of features included, with all three plans including a minimum of one chatbot, 10 triggers/replies, email support, and access to all templates.



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