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Credit Card Chargebacks Giving You A Headache? Get Your Money Back With ChargeBack!

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Dealing with the bank is probably one of the most obnoxious grownup things that no one tells you about when you’re a kid: a problem with your account can result in hours and hours of frustrating visits and phone calls, not to mentioned major spikes in blood pressure and, often, no tangible results.


Well kids, luckily for us, the startup universe has come to the rescue once again, this time in the form of a website called ChargeBack. Let’s take a look at how this sleek, clean, easy to navigate site can make your life easier, shall we?





Where did that come from?

Start with a hypothetical. You open your credit card statement and there’s a charge for $2,000 dollars for a hotel room and room service in New York City. Problem is, you live in California and the last time you were in NYC was two years ago and you definitely crashed on your older brother’s couch.


So what are you going to do? After the initial immediate freak out, take a deep breath and head on over to ChargeBack. Rather than spending hours and hours on the phone, all you have to do is submit your claim and let the site do the work for you.




Forget hours in lines and on hold.

But, uh oh, your bank isn’t listed under organizations. Don’t fret! Click on “Find Yours” and unless you have some really, really obscure financial institution, it will pop up in less than a second. Most banks are already set up to to do chargebacks so if yours isn’t, get a new bank.





The registration process is super easy, and once you’re all set up they’ll send you an email with a password so you can check out the status of your credit card chargeback. They also let you know that they’ll be emailing you with updates about how it’s going, which might means you’re checking your gmail every five seconds but you already do that anyway, right?


Bam! That’s it! The work on your end takes less than ten minutes and doesn’t include lines, muzak while you’re on hold, or customer service reps whose only job seems to be transferring your call to someone else.





Oh yeah, and it’s free.

ChargeBack also doesn’t charge you anything, which means you don’t have to stress over the fact that all that money you’re trying to get back is just going to go to fees. The site makes its cash by charging merchants for premium services. Merchants, however, should be happy to pay because these services ultimately help them streamline the process of credit card chargebacks, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and lower payouts in bank fees.


I’ve had to navigate the labyrinths of the banking world in the past and let me say, ChargeBack’s site might be the exact opposite. The design is beautiful, the process is simple, and they explain everything you could possibly want to know. This is one service that I fully expect to be rocketing off into major success. Get on the bandwagon now and you can tell your friends in a year, “Oh, ChargeBack? Yeah, I was on that ages ago.”



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