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Champs.comNeed to find something but don’t know where to start looking? Then at you will find all you need.

The site is a search engine powered by and Sports Chat that provides sponsored results in a wide range of categories, such as Finance which contains Credit Card Help, Debt Consolidation, Financial Advisor, Loans, Tax Attorney, Investing; Travel that offers Cruises, Hotels, Car Rental, Airline Tickets, Golf Vacations, Romantic Getaways; Electronics with DVDs, MP3, Video Games, Mobile Phones, Digital Cameras and Laptops; Health with Exercise Equipment, Nutrition, Fitness, Diet, Food and Depression; Software that contains Anti Virus Software, Spam Filter, Spyware Scanner, Internet, DSL and Cable Internet; Entertainment that offers Concert Tickets, MP3 downloads, Games, Fantasy Football, Toys and Books; Beauty with categories like Cosmetics, Perfumes, Tanning Lotions, Women’s Apparel, Cosmetic Surgery and Men’s Apparel; Insurance with Health, Disability, Life, Home, Dental and Travel insurances; Computers with Free internet, Firewall, Register a Domain, Domain Hosting, Computer Games, and Printers.

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