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Centex.comEstablished in 1950, Centex is a home building company that is based in Texas. Besides operating in the field of home building, the company has a related line of services that includes mortgage and insurance, as well as integrated pest defense systems.

In order to find a new home, an interactive step-by-step process is carried out online. A map of the United States shows where Centex has brands, and the States where it builds. By clicking in the pertinent State, the available cities are displayed, and a click in the relevant city leads to a page which details new homes in said city. This page highlights homes for single families, townhomes, hot properties, and soon-to-be-built homes by means of a city map. Information on available facilities is given as well, along with details such as the base plan prices and square feet. The number of bedrooms and bathrooms is likewise provided.

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