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Share on: is the world’s first company to offer consumers a way to Get Out� of their cell phone contracts without paying hefty early termination fees of $150-$250 dollars per line. has developed a unique match-making system to help consumers avoid paying these early termination fees. Our service expands on something cell phone providers already offer their customers—�contract transfers.� In Their Own Words

The idea is simple. The carriers have a big investment in their customers, but that relationship works both ways. Ok, so the carriers give their customer a way to avoid the early termination fees if they can find someone to fulfill the contract and secure their original investment. That sounds fair, right? We think so. But, before, we encountered countless customers wanting out of their contract without fees, but had no one to take over their plan. We had been doing these transfers for years. In 2003, we developed a system to match up consumers who wanted to �Get Out� with a nationwide community of consumers looking for shorter-term wireless plans, no $35-$45 activation fees, possibly a free phone, and other incentives.

The carrier gets to fulfill the original contract and replace dissatisfied customers with happier ones that can be with them for years.

It�s a win-win for everyone.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Everybody knows someone stuck in a cell phone contract. Whether you’re getting poor reception, no reception, over billed, or simply want the latest gadgetry, was the first company ever to make it easy for consumers to get out of a cell phone contract without paying the cost-prohibitive early termination fees.’s service can potentially help millions of consumers stuck in contracts. Before Celltradeusa created the deactivation marketplace, consumers never had any choice. Recent reports suggest that nearly 50% of the post-paid cell phone subcscribers would ditch their contract if it weren’t for the early termination fees.

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