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CCText.netPresented by a company that hails from Hong Kong, CCText is a wiki cloud service that is theoretically beneficial to companies of every size and denomination, no matter whether they are just starting out and only a couple of people are employed, or whether the company is already a well-established one and more than a hundred individuals work there.

The objective of any wiki is that of providing users with a clean and simple experience that facilitates communication and interaction among those who are involved, and CCText does not fail to deliver in that sense.

Files can be uploaded and a media box is there to let you ensure the content in question will be accessible by everybody. Besides, a toolbar is provided for immediate reference, whereas real time previews of users’ activity are already functional. Of course, every change that is made to the workspace can be tracked down, discussed and edited.

CCText is wholly browser-hosted. The data is stored on Amazon Web Services, and that means unlimited file storage space is provided, too.

If you are a GoogleApps user you can get started in a truly direct way. If you are not, you can learn all there is to know about creating an account (and also how much will it cost) in the pertinent section of the site. In Their Own Words

“The Best Collaborative Wiki You’ve Ever Seen. Organize knowledge assets faster and better in a safe and secure way.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Such a tool takes collaboration to a dynamic height, and it is provided at a reasonable cost, too.

Some Questions About

Are there different plans for you to choose from, or is the only one available the one described on the main page?

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