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Catawiki.comCatawiki is a site that will delight collectors like little else. It acts both as a database of collectables, and as a marketplace where such items can be openly traded. These collectors who sign up for Catawiki and create accounts of their very own (something that costs nothing) are allowed to build their entire collections online, and manage everything using a flexible dashboard.

Then, they are allowed to list these items they are willing to part ways with, and buy the ones other users of have put up for sale. The most popular items are all highlighted on the homepage. And the most active collectors are likewise highlighted for new members to know who call the shots here.

It must also be mentioned that the site comes with features like a calendar of events for collectors to know where to turn to in order to meet up with like-minded individuals, or to procure these highly-elusive items they have been seeking since who-knows-when. In Their Own Words

The catalogue for collectors!

Why It Might Be A Killer

It provides all the information a collector could ever possible need in a centralized location.

Some Questions About

Which items are more popular? How much are people willing to pay for them?

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