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Catapultian Improves Charity With An Overdue Helping Hand


Giving to charity should be easy, but it isn’t. That’s why so many foundations and nonprofit organizations exist after all – figuring out how to best put dollars to work for worthwhile causes is complicated.


Catapultian to the rescue.


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Catapultian is an online platform that simplifies giving to charities. For starters, Catapultian serves as a central location where philanthropists can more easily manage their existing giving from a single dashboard. This allows donors to stay organized and view the different projects and organizations they support without trouble. Come tax time, there’s no wondering where to look for receipts since everything is stored tidily in one spot.


Handy for sure. More importantly, Catapultian aims to make deciding how to give support and choosing where to make contributions more straightforward.


What a pity if potential donors are put off from giving to charity because of doubts as to the impact their money will make or uncertainty about the quality of projects. Catapultian looks to erase such hangups by pre-vetting projects. This means the platform will only include ventures designed to be financially self-sustaining.


Think of Catapultian as “managed crowdfunding” for charity. No giving your dollars just so another round of fundraising can advance. Instead, you know a project will be successful and that your support is going to viable efforts.


Of course, donors can continue giving to the public charities and projects that they have in the past. However, those undecided about whom to give to or looking for other deserving recipients, gain the confidence in knowing their contribution will have a direct impact.


Catapultian gives each side of the giving coin the opportunity to take a smarter approach to charity. The incentive to join Catapultian’s list of represented projects demands that non-profits or project leads conceive of sound ventures. To this end, Catapultian assists nonprofits with advisory services, best practice publications, as well as grants and PRI syndication. On the other side, donors can give with the peace of mind that their money is making a concrete positive difference – without any administration headaches.


In other words, Catapultian is a thoughtful platform for thoughtful people.


It bears repeating: giving should be easy. And simple. People want to know that their support is going toward good work and to not be burdened with managing their contributions. The nonprofit community serves itself by implementing more businesslike strategies that earn the trust of philanthropists and encourage them to give freely.


Find innovative charities that deserve support and find the joy of giving again at


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