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CastTV.comCastTV is a well-established startup that has the objective of indexing every video on the Net and providing its users with a flexible search tool for finding what they want, whenever they need it, and in a centralized location.

The existing video search will let you look up current news clip, viral videos and TV episodes, whereas you can come across video reviews and clips that are aggregated by theme such as Superbowl videos and so forth.

On the other hand, a search plug-in can be installed from the site by clicking on the pertinent link. From that point onwards, a search capability can be utilized to look up videos from the comfort of your browser, without the need to visit the site each time you are bitten by curiosity.

The company is keen on creating the best video search and aggregation portal on the web. Only time will tell if that becomes a tangible reality or not, but if you are passionate about online video the site is worth perusing. In Their Own Words

“One stop watching.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Video adepts the world over are certain to enjoy having access to all the files on the WWW from a centralized location.

Some Questions About

When was the project founded? What are the next items on the company’s agenda?

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