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CaseCompete.comLooking for legal assistance? If that is so, there are many sites on the WWW that will either point you in the direction you should be headed, or render the service that you need directly. This is one of these.

Named Case Compete, it will let you pick a lawyer by determining how much he should get paid. That is, you are the one who sets down the price. It is up to interested law professionals to bid on the listings that are posted, and the client is the one accepting the bid or not.

Many common legal operations can be carried to completion through this site. Consultation for cases and filing lawsuits are the two that spring to mind more easily, but they are not the only ones.

Criminal Law, Family Law, Employment Law, Business Law, Intellectual Property Law… these are some of the categories that the site is split into. And listings are also grouped by State, so that everything can be kept as circumscribed as you might want. It is even possible to see these listings that are ending soon only. In Their Own Words

“Case Compete allows you to get quality legal help for the price you choose.

Our free online process lets you hire, manage and pay lawyers just as if you were sitting in their office.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

There are not that many resources where the client determines how much the attorney should get paid like he can do here.

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Which fees are there to be paid for using this site?

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