How to submit? – Christmas Carols

Share on: you like Christmas and you also like Christmas carols, then this is a must to check out. Carols. is a website entirely devoted to Christmas Carols. Here you will find the lyrics and origins of the most popular Christmas Carols as well as some non carols Christmas songs and traditional Christmas poems. The website features a complete history of the Christmas Carols, from its origins in the 12th century to the modern ones. The website features hundreds Christmas Carols. Each one shows history, related info, details on who wrote the words and music, and of course, the lyrics. Whenever it was possible for the creators of the website, some songs also feature piano music. For those of you who like testing your knowledge, the website also features a series of Christmas and Christmas Carols quizzes. Finally, if you want to have a laugh, you can find here some Christmas jokes.

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