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CareLogger.comCare Logger is a diabetes log book that works on the browser, and that will let anybody keep track of his glucose, blood pressure, meals, weight and medication intake. As an application, Care Logger is usable at no cost, and there are no different plans to go for, and no premium features either.

Every person can use it to the full as it is.

Once they have been made, entries can be visualized in multiple ways. For instance, you are provided with the option to see them by date and/or time, as well as by recorded levels.

In addition to the enormous advantage of letting you dispense with the hassle of keeping paper logbooks, an application like this one also makes for collaborating with your doctor more smoothly. By merely sharing the data, trends can be determined and you can work together in order to figure out in which ways your daily routine is having an adverse effect on your diabetes and vice versa. Making the necessary adjustments, then, will be something notably easier. In Their Own Words

“Care Logger is an online diabetes logbook for tracking and charting glucose, blood pressure and more.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

People who have diabetes won’t think twice before telling you how convenient such a system really is.

Some Questions About

What kind of reference materials are provided on the site?

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