How to submit? – Give your photos a voice

CaptionBubble.comHave you ever taken a photo because the moment was hilarious but then when looking back on the photo the hilarity has vanished? This happens a lot of the time, especially with “you had to be there” moments. With CaptionBubble.

com you can bring the humor and significance back to your photos and include whatever thoughts or comments helped make the moment photo-worthy in the first place. There are three easy steps to add a caption bubble to photos. The first step is uploading the image. This can be done directly from the PC or photos already on the Internet on sites such as Flickr. The second step is the creative part where users drag and drop speech and thought bubbles into the uploaded image. Finally, all that is left to be done is click the finish button and share! will host your photos that can then be viewed by family and friends.

Why It Might Be A Killer

This is a really fun and easy to use program. There are so many moments that get whittled down to a boring static photo that now can be brought to life by a few words or thoughts. This will be a hit among people of all ages and can also be made into Facebook profile pics, personalized cards or little gifts for friends and family.

Some Questions About

In the future could people add a voice recording in addition to written words? Also the help button links to the create page which actually doesn’t help at all.

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