Capitaliply to Redefine Shopify App Landscape

Capitaliply team
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Founded by Dmitry Gomeniuk, Mathew Gramovich, and Dimitri Mikhalchuk, Capitaliply has set out on a mission to redefine the landscape of Shopify app acquisition and promotion. This article delves into the journey of Capitaliply, the vision of its founders, and the promising future that lies ahead.

The Visionaries Behind Capitaliply

Capitaliply’s foundation is rooted in the collective expertise and experience of its founders:

  1. Dmitry Gomeniuk: A serial IT entrepreneur with a record of founding seven companies, Dmitry co-founded Capitaliply. He also owns Cronics, a Shopify app development company with a portfolio of three apps. His impressive achievement of doubling the monthly income from 20+ apps in just eight months at SpurIT speaks volumes about his entrepreneurial acumen.
  2. Mathew Gramovich: Another serial IT entrepreneur, Mathew has founded five companies. His prior role as the Head of Product at Snoopify, a platform providing search analytics for Shopify app developers, gave him access to over 200 Shopify app analytics. He is also the founder of Zodier, a messenger-based dating app recognized by Forbes as one of the fastest-growing dating startups with around 4 million users. His expertise extends to Noirix Technologies, an operating outsourcing and outstaff company.
  3. Dimitri Mikhalchuk: With a rich history of founding seven companies in the High Tech Industry over 25 years, Dimitri is a co-founder of TeslaSuit, a venture with a total valuation of around $100 million, featured in prestigious media outlets like CNN, BBC, SkyNews, Forbes, CNBC, and CNET. He is also a top-10 UK influencer in the XR industry, a keynote speaker, a business consultant, and an investor.

Capitaliply in a Nutshell

Capitaliply can be briefly described as a roll-up company specializing in Shopify app acquisition and promotion. The company’s mission is to identify and nurture promising Shopify apps to enhance their value and reach in the market.

Impressive Progress and Current Status

As of now, Capitaliply boasts a portfolio of three Shopify apps valued close to $2 million. The company is actively pursuing two strategic deals, with a combined value exceeding $3 million, to be concluded by the end of the year. Capitaliply’s ambitious target is to achieve a $1 million Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) for the entire company, further solidifying its presence in the Shopify app market. Moreover, the company is preparing to expand into the US market by the end of the year, further extending its influence in the global e-commerce sector.

A Story of Recognition and Achievement

Capitaliply’s remarkable journey took a significant leap when one of its major acquisitions, MBC Bundles, was featured in Shopify’s “Staff Pick.” This recognition speaks volumes about the company’s commitment to creating innovative solutions that empower businesses on the Shopify platform. Mathew Gramovich, one of the founders of Capitaliply, expressed his gratitude, saying, “We are truly humbled and honored to have the hard work, made by Andrey Gadashevich’s team, recognized by one of the world’s leading e-commerce platforms. This recognition is a testament to our dedication to creating innovative solutions that empower businesses on the Shopify platform.”

Drawing Inspiration from Within and Beyond

While the founders of Capitaliply primarily focus on challenging their past results and pushing their limits, they also draw inspiration from companies like Shopify. Shopify’s ecosystem is known for fostering growth, and its support for app developers is encouraging and commendable. This internal motivation, coupled with the industry’s leaders, keeps Capitaliply striving for excellence.

The Vision for the Future

In four years, Capitaliply envisions having partners in various international markets. The company aims to have the most advanced solutions for Shopify in all existing categories. Beyond this, they plan to expand their horizons, developing high-value applications that cater not only to e-commerce players on Shopify but also to large e-commerce enterprises. The future of Capitaliply holds promise, innovation, and a continued commitment to shaping the Shopify app ecosystem.

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