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Camgo: A Socially Distanced Way to Meet New People

Camgo: A Socially Distanced Way to Meet New People

Camgo is a free modern video chat web application where people can meet others from around the world. It’s the world’s first intelligent live cam social network and has pioneered features such as Safe Search and interest-based chats. The platform is committed to promoting user safety and helping the world stay connected during the coronavirus pandemic while maintaining social distancing.

COVID-19 has made it difficult to meet new people while following proper social distancing protocol. Sure, dating apps and video chat platforms exist, but it can be difficult to connect with people who have the same interests as you, and running across not-safe-for-work content is all too common. Camgo solves both of these problems with their socially distanced video chat for meeting new people.


To get started on the app, users simply choose text chat or video chat – there’s no revealing personal information required. Camgo then uses the latest random video chat technology to match users with strangers from a pool of thousands of people. Camgo is designed to make it easy for people to chat, talk, flirt and date online.

There are three main ways to talk to people on the app: video chat, text chat, or both. Video chat is great for people who are ready to really engage with others streaming on webcam. Text chat offers a sort of “lite mode” of the app, where beginners and shy people can meet without the video feature.


Camgo Features

Camgo uses a variety of features to provide an anonymous and safe way to connect with strangers from all over the world.

Safe Search

Safe Search is an advanced AI system that scans potential matches to detect if users are misbehaving or showing inappropriate material. When enabled, Safe Search will only match you with people that the AI system has deemed to be safe. Safe Search can be turned off, but users are advised to do so at their own risk.

Interest-based chat

Users can add their interests and hobbies in order to be matched with like-minded strangers. It’s a great way to make random chat feel a little less random.

Free to use

Camgo offers unlimited, free chat and access to most of the features without an additional cost. There are no per-connection fees, no need to buy coins, and no time restrictions.

Chat anonymously

Users can chat anonymously without revealing their personal information.

Thousands of users

Camgo instantly connects users with thousands of people. If you don’t like who you’re talking to, you can simply click “Next” to meet someone new.

Ad-free chat

Camgo is free of ads in order to provide a clean, focused video chat experience.

Text, video, or both

Whether users are comfortable chatting via their web cam or want to stick to text-only communication, Camgo offers that ability.

Interested in Camgo?

Meeting new people safely during a pandemic isn’t the easiest thing to do. Camgo’s random live video chat, interest-based chat feature and Safe Search mode make it easy, safe and fun to meet new people. You can try it out for yourself at Camgo.

Photo Credit: Camgo

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