How to submit? – Internet Media TV is an excellent site based in California that serves as an Internet media TV.

So far the site has nine original channels focusing on unique skits, reviews, sports, current events in California, interviews and music. The skits and short films include drama, action, horror and comedy material that comes with ratings for the entire family. Reviews of movies, books and games are also highlighted, as well as interviews with important CA people such as mayors and city council members. The team at invites new bands and artists to show videos or play their music on a specific channel. The site is easy and fun to use with the CalMagazine remote control that sits beside the TV screen. It makes site navigation exciting and has just the right amount of buttons to maximize use without adding clutter. makes sure to offer something for people of all ages and interests, including children and the Latino community. The videos run pretty smoothly and the design makes the viewer feel as though they are actually watching a real TV.

Why It Might Be A Killer has a smart design and a remote control that is fun to use. For California residents this site is a great tool not only to cure boredom but also to get up to date news, reviews and local entertainment.

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