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Caao.orgThe County Auditors’ Association of Ohio can be found online at

The site enables the visitor to take an online tour of the Office which showcases the services that are provided therein. The visitor can choose the department of the Office that he wishes to tour. Available departments include Personal Property, Real Estate and Responsibilities. On the other hand, the website boasts an Auditors’ Directory which can be browsed through. This directory consists of a database that lists auditor information for each one of the 88 counties that make up Ohio. This feature is implemented by means of an alphabetical index that is presented for easy navigation. In addition to these services, there is a page devoted to weights and measures, as County Auditors are responsible for the accuracy of weighing and measuring devices that are employed in the sale-purchase of commodities. Lastly, links to the Geographical Information System of the State let the visitor visualize detailed maps of each county that makes up the territory of Ohio.

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