Have You Considered This Low-Cost Advertising Method?

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Way back in the day when I was a little punk rocker, all of my jackets and bags were covered in buttons. Some were political, some were for bands I liked, some were just kind of pretty. Buttons signified both my allegiance to the look/lifestyle that I was buying into and amplified my style.


These days when I think of buttons, though, they’re still about showing allegiance – but not to punk rock. Instead, buttons can be used as a great way to spread the word about or show allegiance to companies and groups that you as a grown-up are into. Bands still sell them at shows – so why shouldn’t startups?


If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to show off your badass startup logo or get your supporters to spread the word, buttons are a great option. While you could go super-old school and buy your own button maker, everyone knows that a startup founder’s most valuable asset is time, so why would you waste it on hand-making buttons like an old school punk?


Instead, check out Button Frog, a new company that will make you 50 custom buttons for only $29 – a limited time discount from the usual price of $59. You send in your artwork, Button Frog turns it into a proof for your approval, you give them a thumbs up, and they’re in your mailbox within five days.


button frog


Button Frog works with customers throughout the entire process to ensure that you’re getting exactly what you asked for. You can ask to change the image right up until you’ve made the final approval; you an ask to see different versions of the button; you can even get it resized. They’re also used to working with designers, as can be seen in their FAQ question when they go into explicit details about which colors they can and can’t print and even what the CMYK values are for true black.


They’re way more efficient – and higher quality – than a DIY button maker.


Button Frog also offers discounts if as the size of your order increases, making it so economical to get buttons that you could throw them out at parades, if you wanted. Other (probably more realistic and less likely to put out an eye) ideas for them include handing them out when you’re networking, bringing them to industry events, or putting little bowls of them on your front desk. Buttons are a fun, easy way to get your logo or message out there into the world, without too much effort or expense on your end.


Now, I’m sure I’m not the only former punk out there in the startup world – us iconoclasts tend to be drawn to the same kinds of things. But even if you’ve never seen a mosh pit IRL, consider getting some buttons at ButtonFrog.com to adorn your startup hoodie. Trust me – it’ll look great.


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