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Protecting Business Assets – Insurance321 Delivers Business Insurance Quotes Online


“How do I launch my business successfully?” “How do I keep improving, keep the business growing?” These questions stay at the front of entrepreneurs’ minds, along with a million others – so it’s understandable that answering “How do I properly insure my company?” might seem like a secondary concern, something that can wait until later…until about the time when it’s already too late. That’s why Insurance321 looks to make it fast and easy for agents and business owners to find one another.



Screen shot 2013-07-16 at 10.21.08 AM is a website where owners can meet their business insurance needs and a service that provides real-time, commercial P&C leads to agents nationwide. Insurance321 finds businesses actively looking for business insurance quotes online, collects information either online or by phone to best understand business owners’ needs, passes leads through quality control filters, and then delivers leads to the appropriate agents.


For Agents

Who doesn’t prefer business walking in the door over drumming it up on your own? Insurance321 spares insurance agents the massive labor of generating their own commercial insurance leads and allows them to focus on providing their services. The startup doesn’t ask for any initial fees, nor maintenance, nor contract fees. Beginning at $20, agents receive leads with the following guarantees from Insurance321:

  • We generate all our own leads
  • We verify every lead for quality
  • We deliver them to you in real-time
  • We display your agency info to your leads
  • We provide you full control over your account



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Not only does Insurance321 bring leads agents’ way, but it eliminates the frustration of pursuing fruitless leads. Exclusive web and phone leads go directly to an agent, leapfrogging by any competition. Users are not given incentives to fill out forms. And leads are neither recycled nor aggregated – no shoddy leads here. Agents have full control over their Insurance321 account, and may adjust settings and filters to tailor their lead management system to their liking. Enthusiastic users report consistent close rates over 40%.


For Business Owners

Business owner policy? Professional liability insurance? Excess liability insurance? Workers compensation insurance? Employment practices liability? Where to begin?


Insurance321 enables businesses to find the brokers with the specific insurance coverage required for each unique business. From protecting technology and equipment, to establishing employee policies and procedures – protecting the business is essential to its health. Entrepreneurs can’t afford to leave their companies exposed. As Glenn R. says on the Insurance321 website, “Now I see the cost of my business owners’ policy not as an added operating expense, but as an investment in protecting all my hard work.”






No one likes thinking about insurance or dealing with insurance technicalities. Insurance321 minimizes the time, energy, and money involved in finding the right agents by putting business owners in real-time contact with hand-selected agents. This makes contacting the right help easier, and receiving quotes much quicker. And Insurance321 provides the answers to tricky local questions such as, “Do Missouri business owners need earthquake insurance?”


Keep those bootstrapped businesses on stable ground!


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