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Build Backend Apps Faster With Altogic

Building a web or mobile application can take months of hard work, involve entire teams of developers and cost a significant amount of money. Whether you’re working on a personal project or developing an application for your business, you probably know firsthand just how costly and time-consuming this process can be. Now, you can build backend applications faster and put your time and resources to better use thanks to Altogic.

Altogic is a powerful backend service development and execution platform helping people and businesses design, deploy and manage scalable web services. With Altogic, you can easily build and deploy your web application in just three steps: simply create your multi-layered and relational data models using rich data types, graphically define your application logic and services with a simple drag and drop feature, and create a cloud environment where your application runs in seconds.

Why Altogic? The platform helps reduce time-to-market with advanced graphical service development capabilities that help you visually develop and deploy your backend services in minutes. With a fully-managed backend cloud infrastructure, you can do more with fewer resources, helping decrease the total cost of ownership. With Altogic’s collaborative platform, your entire team can easily create an MVP with a real backend to test your product or service ideas and iterate quickly on feedback.

Altogic comes with all of the pre-integrated, ready-to-use technologies needed to develop your applications including:

Authentication & authorization: Protect your application’s RESTful endpoints with an API key. If needed, enforce session tokens and role-based authorizations.

Data modeling: Build complex data models with relations, rich set of fields, multilevel data hierarchies and built-in and custom validation rules.

Database operations: Run all CRUD operations, query your data using simple and easy-to-understand expressions, paginate and iterate over data, and execute transactions.

Document management: Quickly and easily store and serve application content, such as photos and files. Manage documents (rename, replace, duplicate) and their access rights.

Service design: Model complex business logic using conditional nodes, loops/iterations, expressions, rich set of functions and 3rd party RESTful API services.

Data caching: Store frequently-accessed data in a high-speed data storage layer to increase data retrieval performance.

Message queues: Offload heavy computations from a parent service to a child one for asynchronous processing so that the parent service can return a response to the client faster.

Scheduled jobs: Internally trigger service executions (cron jobs) that run periodically at fixed times, dates, or intervals to automate maintenance, administration, and repetitive jobs.

Version control: Packages your application design elements in snapshots to manage versions of your applications and deploy them to environments.

App deployment: Provision execution environments and auto-redeploy your application design changes to all non-production environments in seconds.

Altogic integrates easily into your preferred frontend frameworks, tools or static site generators through RESTful API – allowing you to develop and launch a fully-functional web service in minutes.

Interested? Altogic helps people and businesses build their web application’s backend like a pro, all without the time, hassle or cost. Visit to learn more and get started.

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