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If you love movies and wish you could live exactly like the stars do, then check out Boxwish for some hints. Boxwish is a community that members can join and then start sharing their inside information about any of their favorite movies.

If you know what shoes Carrie is wearing in Sex and the City or where to buy the watch that Bond has on in Casino Royale, you can share that with the rest of the community. The possibilities are endless with information like where movies were shot, where to find cool gadgets that were used or how to dress more like your favorite star all included. Think of Boxwish as the ultimate site for movie fanatics everywhere who want to get closer to the films and the stars that they love. In Their Own Words

“It’s all about being inspired by movies. Whether that means getting the look of your cinematic idols, finding a cool movie gadget, driving an iconic film car, visiting a movie location or enjoying a film-inspired adventure – our goal is to bring movies to life.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

People can get pretty caught up with certain movies and Boxwish will become popular with them since it will allow them to live and breathe their favorite movie-inspired fantasies.

Some Questions About

Will this site get inundated with sly vendors trying to ply their wares here or will it be able to avoid this and become a less-commercial community for movie buffs?

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