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Boxbe.comAre you looking for a natural food provider? If that is so, then the official website of the San Francisco Herb & Natural Food Company might be useful. You can stop by to buy natural food online, and to find all kinds of herbs and spices. The catalog ranges from tea blends and culinary herbs to essential oils and botanical extracts.

Many users stop by to search for encapsulated herbs and spices with just a click. In addition, the site lets you browse for all kinds of tea, such as raspberry leaf tea and peppermint tea. Those who enjoy cinnamon tea, can use this website to buy cinnamon tea online.

Also, it is possible for you to buy fragrance oils, mulling spices and ginseng root. To sum up, if you are looking for natural food, herbs and spices, you will find an interesting option to bear in mind. In Their Own Words

“Boxbe was founded with a simple vision: to create the conditions that encourage email communication between consumers and marketers when there is mutual benefit and to limit both the situations and waste created when there is not.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Boxbe will make it more difficult for spammers. Also, as absolutely everyone has their own blog these days, Boxbe will make it easier for bloggers et. al. to receive feedback, comments, etc, without worrying about spammers; also keeps things private.

Some Questions About

Spam is spam after all, who wants to read it? It”s doubtful that you”ll amass a fortune reading advertising.

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Location: San Francisco

Foundation: December 2005





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