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Borgess.comHealth system sites are never a blast, and they tend to be quite dull, which is one of the reasons why sticks apart from the crowd, as it not only provides lots of interesting healthcare information and articles for patients, but it also makes the lives of their patients easier by allowing them to fill forms online to register for tests or procedures, pay for their bills online, and even nominate their doctor or nurse to be awarded an Exceptional Performance prize.

By visiting this site, you can learn about the network of facilities which make up Burgess, and include nine owned and affiliated hospitals, one nursing home, several ambulatory care facilities, plus home health care and individual physician practices; read all about the different specialty programs that are going on in the hospital, like vascular, neurology or orthopaedic, or visit the news section to read about the ranking in national lists of best performance this hospital has made it to. At, you can also take a look at the ‘Virtual Nursery’, which allows users to see and order prints of pictures of babies born in Borgess hospitals, provided that parents have allowed those pictures to be uploaded to the site.

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