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Efficiency Means Profit – 4 Tips To Get Your Startup Lean And Mean



Each of us wants our startup to be the most efficient it can be. From saving time in order to get more important work done to cutting costs, there are many ways to bring efficiency back in your startup game. Let’s take a look at some of the easiest ways to welcome efficiency back into your startup so that you’re on the continued path to startup success.





1. Start With The Overhead

Startup owners need to constantly evaluate and reevaluate where they cut costs. First, take a look at the marketing budget and decide if your marketing actions are really attracting new users or customers. If you’ve hired a third party to take care your startup’s marketing, make sure you’re getting a detailed rundown of the strategies and results from them. The metrics here are key.


2. Adequate Training

The key here is getting the most from your employees’ time. Take time to make sure your employees know exactly how to do what they were hired to do. This seems simple enough although it’s a common issue among startups. Training should be continuing as employees become more and more responsible for more challenging projects.


There will be new systems put in place as your startup grows and adequate training and revision will be key to making a positive impact on your staff and startup.





3. Meetings

Here’s a simple one: meetings that involve physically travelling to locations are not entirely necessary. Generally, most meetings can be done over today’s technology. An exception to the rule, for example, would be when one wants to foster a sense of community among staff. Meeting in person in this context is definitely a healthy choice for your startup’s future.


4. The Practical

From a practical perspective, make sure your workspace is organized in the way that allows you do your best work. If you know that you prefer a clean workspace and it’s not currently clean, take the time to put it just the way it needs to be.


Sometimes turning off alerts on your phone or switching your phone to voice mail for a few hours can be very helpful. This simple move can allow you to concentrate without distraction. If you’ve never tried it, I suggest giving it a spin. It really does help.





Another very common and helpful action is to make to-do lists. If you can regularly prioritize what needs to be done then you end up doing exactly what needs to be done each day instead of doing the easy work. This includes doing what needs to be done at both your home and at work. Take care of yourself. Eat, get enough rest, and exercise.


If you can make these suggestions part of your daily strategy then you’ve added to your arsenal a host of actions that will keep your startup lean and running efficiently.


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Author : Sam Melon

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