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Bogglo: The Easiest Way For College Kids To Make Some Extra Cash

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Today’s Killer Startup: Bogglo


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Elevator Pitch:

Bogglo is “a self-contained marketplace where college students can buy and sell their stuff to people they can actually trust.”


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

Two facts about college students: they are always broke and they don’t really have time for anything. If you’re doing college right, you spend half your time in classes, half your time studying, and somehow manage to still spend another quarter of your time partying with friends on the weekends.


You may have noticed that those fractions don’t add up to a whole. That was on purpose; not because I’m terrible at math. The point is that college kids have jam-packed days and nights already, which leaves very little time for the one thing that could boost their meager spending budgets: Selling off some stuff.


Bogglo solves that problem by creating a self-contained marketplace just for students to buy and sell within their communities. Sites like craigslist can be super sketchy and eBay (with their website that still feels like it did back in the year 2000) is a time suck, but Bogglo is a mobile-first marketplace designed with today’s college kids in mind.


Users are also verified and vouched for, making selling and buying a much easier, safer process than it is on existing platforms. Oh yeah, and because everything stays within the same college campuses, there’s no need to haul your stuff to the post office (who has time for that?) – all sales are local.


The site is currently in private beta, but founder Andres Cohen reassured me that it will soon be available to every college student in America on both iOS and Android, following a soft launch in NYC in May. They’re also gearing up for a series of exhibitions over the coming months, including TechDay HQ later this month, TechCrunch Disrupt in May and Northside Innovation in June. Students will be able to access the app through an invite code, which will be available from campus Ambassadors for Bogglo.


So if you’re a college kid looking to make a little extra cash but finding it hard to sell your stuff – or if you’re a college kid looking for a good deal on, say, a gently used Xbox – keep an eye on Bogglo as they move toward their public launch.



Looking for a little extra $$, #college kids? Check out @boggloapp for a super easy, secure marketplace to sell your stuff.


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