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BoardTracker.comBoardTracker provides tracking and search for threads on forums and boards all over the web. Currently it tracks over 50 million threads in almost 40 thousand forums.

You can use the site as a search engine specifically for finding forum threads. Or you can predefine terms and have Boardtracker notify you via email, Jabber, etc, once matching threads are found. Additionally you can subscribe to RSS feeds. Search using the main search bar or using the drop down menu to search categories directly. Advance search options are available for fine tuning your searches. Results are coupled with an icon representing the source board or forum, along with date posted and how many replies and views the thread has had. If you wish to add threads to your favorites, or notifications of new posts you’ll need to register. In Their Own Words

“, a Pidgin Technologies property, is an innovative forum search engine, message tracking and instant alerts system designed to provide relevant information quickly and efficiently while ensuring you never miss an important forum thread no matter where or when it is posted.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

BoardTracker is a good way to search for message board threads. It’s a lot easier than climbing through the myriad threads on each forum or looking through results on the trad search engines. It’s also a good way to keep tabs on all the latest hot topics.

Some Questions About

The site could use a redesign. Will they enhance the presentation of search results? Will they add forum names to search results?

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