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UserFlux.comPeople who visit your site have questions. And they want to have them answered fast. They don’t want to click through five different links just in order to talk to an operator. They have better things to do. And if you don’t provide them with an instant way to have their questions answered, then you’re losing them as customers. It’s as simple as that.


Fortunately, giving visitors the chance to talk to an operator or agent is anything but difficult nowadays. There are lots of services that will let you see to that without having to buy expensive hardware, or even installing complex software on your own servers. UserFlux is one such service.

If you give it a try, you’ll discover that it is an instant live chat widget that lets you process requests from just anywhere your users are on your site. UserFlux is a no-barriers service – it lets visitors connect with operators without having to fill unnecessary fields out, and once a question has come through then the system can take care of having them redirected to these pages where the data they need can be found.

And UserFlux will also let you have your site updated dynamically by using push notifications. These are allowing you to announce the latest news and developments to all your visitors, in a way that’s instantly noticeable and hardly annoying. In Their Own Words

It?s time to upgrade your chat system, Increase your conversion with an instant live chat widget with no barriers, With UserFlux you can process chat requests from anywhere, redirect users, and push updates to your website.

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From a statistical viewpoint, how much can this increase conversion?


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