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Timeline-WP.comYou know how it goes. Facebook changes anything, and everybody and his wife switch into combative mode, denouncing Facebook for its heavy-handedness, lack of common sense and unbridled arrogance. Yet, if given half the chance to implement such a change on their very own sites or blogs then they trip over themselves to do it.


And Facebook has been particularly active the last couple of weeks, so it’s only fair to assume that we’re going to see lots of web apps in the days to come. Web apps, and also WordPress themes like this one. As its name implies, it lets bloggers replicate the much-discussed timeline that Facebook will begin rolling in the days to come.

And it’s all done frankly right, with any blogger being able to ape Facebook’s latest redesign in an effortless way. Months can be navigated in scrubber fixed style, categories can be featured, photos can be visualized using lightboxes… in short: bloggers will be able to make their own blogs take after Facebook to the very last detail.

The latest version of this theme can be downloaded for free here. In Their Own Words

The first timeline WordpPress Theme.

Some Questions About

How many times has this theme been already downloaded? Which kind of bloggers have gone for it?


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