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SimpleReach.comIf you’re a blogger, imagine what would happen if you could give the “Related Posts” section at the end of your every article a social twist, and let your readers access content that is related and (also) that is being mentioned on sites like Facebook and Twitter. Well, that’s what this company has now made possible with the release of The Slide. The Slide is an application that can look at what people are saying on social sites, and find all the posts you’ve previous published that have got anything to do with that. This app will focus on these, and present them to readers of your blog first of all.


This is all done just by getting the WordPress plug-in that’s provided, or by copying and pasting a small string of code. The related content will begin being automatically shown, in a small pop up window.

And in all cases, you can access up-to-the-minute analytics that will show you exactly how many more new visitors these updated posts have translated into, not to mention how much longer they’re staying on your blog. In Their Own Words

Help readers discover more of your content.

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What about providing widgets for blogging platforms other than WordPress?


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