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En.Widgadget.comA site that will enable anybody to create widgets for viral purposes, Widgadget is available in several languages including English, Spanish and French. The site is subdivided in a host of categories that cater for different users, and a navigation menu is provided and broken down into the following sections: “For Users”, “For Bloggers”, “For Business” and “For Advertisers”.


These give different users the wherewithal to implement a viral campaign and promote contents using the widgets that can be created and procured through the site.

Both desktop widgets and widgets that are geared towards social networking services can be designed and implemented, and the creation of a widget is actually handled in a simple three-step process which is described online.

For its part, a list of widgets that have been created so far can be browsed by category anytime you wish. The most recent creations are equally spotlighted for easy reference, and when viewing a widget you give your opinion by casting a vote of approval.

When all is said and done, Widgadget stands a true multilingual widget platform that provides the resources for making content viral in an effortless fashion. In Their Own Words

“The widgets community for webs, blogs, social networks, iPhone and Windows.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It makes for easy creation, promotion and distribution of contents over the web.

Some Questions About

What are the costs of the existing premium services? What additional features are included?


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