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CompileBox.comThis is a service you’ll find really useful if you have lots of different online profiles, and you want people who visit your site to get to read the information you have included on each of these without having to visit them individually. CompileBox is a social widget that can be embedded on your site or blog, and that can bring together all the data you have on these profiles. And CompileBox can combine that with the information included on “About Us” and “Contact” pages. The site let you create a true capsule where all of your most relevant information can go, and which can be used to introduce yourself to others much faster than by pointing them to all your separate profiles, one by one.


The creation of a CompileBox social widget involves signing up for an account, and answering a couple of questions regarding these social services you use, and what you want to display on your widget. You can also tweak with lots of different visualization options, such as the exact placement and aspect ratio of your CompileBox. When you’re done, you’ll be provided with a code to embed on your site, in order to have your widget displayed.

And a QR code generator is also provided, and it’s a great plus. You’ll be able to give people the chance to get all your profile and contact information in a single scan. Just like the widget creator, this QR code generator can be used at zero cost. In Their Own Words

An auto-generated social slider/widget that allows any website, webstore, or blog to compile their information including social media profiles, email addresses, phone numbers, about us and contact us page info, and much more…

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