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Checkthis.comThere are times in which a tweet isn’t enough to share the way you’re feeling, but since you don’t have a blog to write a lengthy post you are also prevented from letting things out as naturally as you’d want. When that happens, you can to head down to Facebook and write a note, or post something in your timeline. But that only works if you have no problem with people like your bosses and colleagues reading what you’ve written. Which can easily happen, you might get carried away and forget to set who you want to share your post with.


Checkthis is a new platform which can keep that from happening ever again, and save you that uneasy feeling you get when walking through the office the next day and everybody sort of seems to be looking among themselves, smirking. Checkthis is a platform for the creation of anonymous posts. This service works both without registration and without installation. You can create posts denouncing anything you feel is wrong with the world, and (if you want to get more personal) you can also use Checkthis to share photos and media. The creator of CheckThis (Frederic della Faille) describes the service as a platform that lets you send “tweets with attachments”, and that definition certainly holds its own. Checkthis is exactly halfway in between Twitter and a blogging platform.

And Checkthis can also be put to commercial uses, as you can create classified ads and sell your own products and these items you no longer want through the site. You just have to upload a picture of the product you want to sell and set its price for the page to go live. You don’t even need to have a PayPal account. How’s that for ease of use? In Their Own Words

1. Put up your content

2. Share your link and get instant results.

That’s it. No registration. No set-up. No save button. No blogroll. Just publish your content and share the link. In seconds.

Some Questions About

The concept’s really interesting, will we see lots of sites like this one being released if it catches on?


Author : Roger Hollings

Born and bred in Maine, Roger is one of the longest-standing writers for A translator by trade, he is passionate about art in all its forms. He enjoys both classic and contemporary literature, nature photography and music from both sides of the Atlantic. Fascinated by technology from an early age, he has always explored the ways in which computers let people articulate their thoughts and communicate better with the world at large.

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