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Through the site, you’ll be able to come across the web’s most popular blogs, making it easier for you to be knowledgeable about the web’s best bloggers. You’ll find everything from celebrity blogs to unknown basement-dwellers who are making a splash on the internet’s bloggsphere. Blogs are divided into different categories according to their content, so you’ll be able to quickly find the blogs you want to read. The Top 10 lists are a great way for you to quickly find the best in blogs. There are so many of them, that there really is no way for you to not find the content you are looking for. By subscribing to the site’s newsletter, you’ll be able to have the web’s best blogs delivered into your inbox. This site could quickly become a place for bloggers to get inspiration on subject matter, and for other users to find interesting blogs. In Their Own Words

“ is a new service from blogging company Six Apart that helps you discover the best in blogs.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Surprisingly, blogging is still very popular. It’s great to have a site where users can find interesting blogs.

Some Questions About

Are there only blogs hosted by Six Apart on the site? Can users vote on the top 10 lists?


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