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BitVelocity.comLetting anybody have a beefier site in terms of speed and overall performance is the mission of this new service. It goes by the name of bitVelocity Accelerator Plus+, and it can basically take the humblest web servers around and turn them into nothing short of dynamos. The way this service works, users have to sign up and choose one of the three paid plans which are available, and then point their domains to the bitVelocity server. That will be the extent of effort on their side. The company will take control from there, optimizing the speed at which visitors can access their sites in an exponential way.


Besides, specially-engineered editions for platforms such as WordPress, Drupal and Joomla are available. That’s some of the most important blogging and content management systems around effectively being covered, and while there’s a few names that would make for great additions (such as Blogger) there’s no denying this new service is already on the right path.

Plans cost $97 (“Pro”), $147 (“Pro Plus”) and $297 (“Platinum”). Bandwidth ranges from 50 to 200 GB, and only the “Pro Plus” and “Platinum” plans can accelerate multiple sites at once. In Their Own Words

Accelerator Plus+ for WordPress.

Some Questions About

Which other platforms are meant to be supported next? What have people been requesting more insistently?


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