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Start The Snowboard Season Right With Sick Bindings From FIX Binding Co.


Today’s Killer Startup: FIX Binding Co.




Elevator Pitch:

FIX Binding Co. is an independent snowboard binding brand that “produces high-quality products at an affordable price.”


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

I’m from Vermont, where snowboarding was not born but definitely was perfected. As a result, I grew up with a lot of snowboarders and snowboarding obsessives, my own dad and younger brother included. I know from personal experience, then, that people who are into snowboarding are really into snowboarding.


Case in point: The team behind FIX Binding Co. Snowboarders themselves, founder Jab Broz missed out on the run of his life after a binding snapped when he was strapping on his board. Because he’s a true enthusiast, Broz teamed up with co-founder Jason Butcher to create his own bindings instead of just complaining about the ones that were available.


That was in the winter of 2013. They’ve grown consistently since then, boasting nearly $200,000 in sales after just one year on the market.


So what’s so great about FIX Binding Co.? Well, because they’re all riders themselves, the FIX Binding Co.’s team knows what the pain points are. As a result, their bindings are high-quality, affordable, offer a range of colors and styles for both men and women, and they’re totally hardware free — which makes them super easy to adjust on the slopes. Basically, they’ve created the bindings that will never leave another snowboard lover crying on the back of a snow cat as their friends bomb through fresh powder.


FIX Binding Co. is currently running a fundraising campaign on Fundable. They’re looking for private funders to help them continue with the awesome momentum they’ve been building since their launch less than two years ago. So, do you live for winter? Are you totally horrified by that broken binding story? Check out their Fundable page and see if you qualify to help them out. And even if you’re not looking to invest but just want some sick bindings, head on over!



#Snowboard bindings, by snowboarders. Don’t hit the slopes this season w/o @fixbindings


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FIX Binding Co.

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