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BigDoor.comBadges are becoming a common currency on the Web. First introduced by location-based services such as FourSquare, they are one of the clearest ways for somebody to show his allegiance to this or that retailer, and be rewarded in the process.

And it makes perfect sense that someone has come up with a system like Big Door – a system that lets any webmaster add game mechanics to his site and give users a reason to stick around.

Technically, Big Door is a “gamification API”. It will let you add not only badges but also implement a scoring and merits system, with these users that do best being displayed on a leaderboard for all to see and try to top them.

As a service, Big Door can be used both by webmasters and bloggers. And it can be implemented regardless of the subject matter of the site or blog in question. That can be just anything – a blog covering the latest Bollywood films that are released, a fantasy sports website… it’s all supported. In Their Own Words

“Gamify your online experience with the BigDoor Gamification API.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

A platform like this one will let any webmaster or blogger generate a truly committed community of users.

Some Questions About

Is this available for sites in all languages already?

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