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Bibliotheque Collective

Quick Information

  • Name of Startup: Bibliotheque Collective
  • Year Founded: 2022
  • Website:
  • Type of company: Flower wall home decor
  • HQ Location: NY, USA

Startup Founders:

Ross Nadeau, Founder, Industrial Designer,

Startup one-liner:

Flower wall home decor

Problem the startup solves:

A book is bound, it contains pages with words. A bookend supports a vertical stack of books on a shelf. Wallflowers by: Bibliothèque Collective is no different than an organized collection of your favorite books. A home decor library to collect, organize, identify, and display colorful flora from around the world. We provide the shelf, the flower, & identification details on each flower. A flora library standard didn’t exist — until now. Start a small library, or expand your look-book of specimens to cover an entire wall. The size of your collective is completely up to you.

Progress and current status:

Launched on, our grass roots campaign was successfully funded. Our website is now live & accepting orders.

What is a crazy story about the startup?:

Founder & Industrial Designer Ross Nadeau spent a decade designing adaptive equipment & positioning products for children with special needs, founded a baby products brand, launched a snack company that paired wine variatials with snack flavor profiles. He’s a passion project entrepreneur. Now he’s teamed up with local flower farms to deliver floral home libraries.

What is a company the startup looks up to, and why?:

Jolie Skin Co. founder Ryan Babenzien took the time to give me a few words of wisdom during my Kickstarter Campaign. I posted a question on his Linkedin discussion thread, he DM’d me back same-day with a genuine informative response on start-up metrics and where to focus effort. Yes he’s successful, anyone can admire that trait – but he showed compassion for an unknown startup. Thats rare. I’d give my ‘start-up look up to’ award to Ryan Babenzien.

The company in four years will be…

Start-ups are omni directional. Delivering a four year future statement is unrealistic. I’ll tell you what I’m doing tomorrow…building on what I did today. It’s risky developing a product that currently doesn’t rank as a Google Keyword. Wall flowers, flower walls, TikTok flowers, Flower library is uncharted territory…nobody is searching for it [as a product] because previously it didn’t exist. If this start-up blossoms… it’ll be because my wall flower believers took a chance…and I did everything in my power to deliver. I don’t expect overnight explosive sales growth. 4 years from now…when my customer changes living location…home/apartment…and they hang or expand their wall flower collection into the new space…Longevity,

Thats the dream. A happy customer thats proud of their ever expanding flora library. If I can achieve that, the company will survive. Collecting flowers in an educational format isn’t about vanity. It’s 100% nerd stuff. It’s about appreciation for natural beauty. To me, as an industrial designer, collecting flowers is inspirational — The colors, the shapes, the subtle delicate details… nature art makes me happy. Thats why I designed the product. xoxo, Ross Nadeau – a.k.a. flowerboy

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