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BG Era Games | Board Game Publisher and Developer

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Quick Information

  • Name of Startup: BG Era Games
  • Year Founded: 2018
  • Website:
  • Type of company: Board games developer and publisher
  • HQ Location: Tbilisi, Georgia

Startup Founders:

Vakho Inoridze – CEO
Nika Nadirade – CFO
David Giorgadze – Project manager
Lazare Todriashvili – Social media manager
Tamaz Giorgadze – Editor
Irakli Zaalishvili – Logistics Manager
Lasha Gigitelashvili – IT manager

Startup one-liner:

We try to bring a new era in board gaming

Problem the startup solves:

As long-time board game enthusiasts, who played plenty of board games, we try to create games with mechanics that no one has experienced before. Despite the fact that there are hundreds of thousands of board games in the world and this number is rising constantly, there is still space to make innovations and create something different that otherwise did not exist if it was not for you.

Progress and current status:

To tell about our current progress, we have published three board games till today.

1. “Gorgasali Battle Royale” – One of the first battle royale board game, that is very popular on our local marker and we sell this product on Amazon USA. 2. “Megalomania” – Trick-taking card game with innovative mechanics that is not similar to standard trick-taking games. We launch the project on Kickstarter on December 3,2022,. lso online version of “Megalomania” is available to play for free on Cooperative Deductive card game, where you are playing as a random person with random characteristics and answering the questions to guess the hidden characters correctly. “Persona” is our project with cooperation of UNDP and currently is at the process of going to mass production.

What is a crazy story about the startup?:

As a group of enthusiastic board gamers and childhood friends, our main hobby was playing games. We have played so many games, that at some point we had the feeling that we tried everything and suddenly we got an idea to create a game that we will enjoy ourselves. We liked this idea and started to create a board game and after a while, when we played it we enjoyed it so much that decided to publish it. At that time, we did not even dream that after 3 years this board game would be sold on Amazon USA, and would be the most popular game on the local market.

What is a company the startup looks up to, and why?:

The company we admire is Stonemayer Games. Besides the fact that the company has published amazing games, they have the best community and the founder of the company helps other publishers by sharing his experience and writing blogs that explain step by step the whole process from idea to final product.

The company in four years will be…

In four years we are willing to publish even more board games of different genres and mechanics. We will implement the digital versions of our games. We are planning also to make a short animated series about our first board game “Gorgasali Battle Royale”, as there are ten characters with unique backstories and each of them has their kingdom and story of their kingdoms and why they decided to go to battle royale and as one of our customer said on his feedback, the nowadays the industry is saturated by Spell, Viking and Elf themed games, movies, and TV series and they found our fantasy story totally new and different and this is a huge motivation for us to try our luck on that direction as well.

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